Tuesday, September 8, 2009

weekend and such.

I am laying in my bed, listening to music, and wondering why the heck I am up this early? Today is the first day of classes but it is also my day off so I thought I'd be waking up around 9 but no, I was up at 6:45. Thanks body for being an unnecessary alarm clock all the darn time.

Anyways, I'll stop blabbing about that nonsense! I am going to get writing on my amazing weekend. I will start on Friday, I guess.

Friday was my day off from Orientation and the last day I spent on residence for the week. So, I slept in and made my way over to the Bookstore to see if I could pick up a few books. They had zero of the ones I needed. The good news is, for one of my classes (Media Structure and Policy) I have three books needed but two of them are online. Yes! That one book, though, was no where in sight at the ol' Bookstore. Grrr.

At around 2 p.m. I made my way over to the school to a goodbye party for one of the staff members of STAMP (the Student Transition and Mentoring Program at Guelph-Humber). It was pretty fun but also a little sad. I didn't know the staff member that well but she was always polite and awesome to work with whenever I had the chance to work in the same environment as her.

After that came to an end, I went back to res and cut out a million magazine pictures to post on my wall. However, I ran out of sticky tack so I could only post like a quarter of them. Apparently they don't like my wall because they are curled and hanging off of it already. I'll have to get some painters tape this week so they stick up properly and so I can put the others around my room.

Soon after, I went for dinner with some girls and then went back to my room to get ready for the evening's festivities. We went to a flip cup tournament/party which was really fun! It was good to be off of res for the night and to hang out with everyone. I had tonnes of fun.

Now onto Saturday!

I woke up early and made my way back on home to the lovely Richmond Hill (sarcastic tone implied). I did not go to my house, though, I went to my good friend Tash's house which started our destination onto Blue Mountain for the day! Tash and her family were really sweet and invited me to go up to Blue for the day. I felt special, haha. So, Tash and I hopped into her Rav4--which seemed to own the road that morning--and booked it up to Blue Mountain. On the way there, though, we made probably 15-20 U-turns because Google Maps ACTUALLY SUCKS. On this journey, we almost died from a truck who didn't want to stop at a red light--crazy fool. Getting out of the car, once we finally arrived, was the greatest feeling ever. It got the frustration out of our systems.

Then, Tash's parents took us out for an amazing lunch! Afterwards, we made our way to the pool where we spent most of the day. I caught a few rays of sunshine (thank goodness, I was pretty white) but of course Tash got darker than me. She's like a sun magnet. She steps outside and it's like oh hey I'm brown. Haha! Love you. :) 

After a fun filled and relaxing day at the pool, Tash's parents took us out for an amazing Greek dinner. The food was sooo good. I had a watermelon-feta-balsamic salad and a chicken skewer. It was delish. Our server though, was hella creepy. You know those people that laugh with their mouth moving up and down in subtle movements but bellow the sound out of their stomach like it's no one's business? Yeah, that's him. I couldn't look at him because I'd burst out laughing and believe me, I did that a few times. Creepster.

After dinner, we ate a Cinnamon and sugar beaver tail and headed for the road. The way home was so much more smoother than the way up. Damn you Google Maps.

When I got home I crashed on my bed, it felt so good. But, I forgot to turn my alarm off so I was woken up at 7:45. I guess it worked out because on Sunday I went up to my cousin's parents' cottage. 

Sunday was tonnes of fun too. It was good to see my family! I haven't seen everyone in ages thanks to my workaholic attitude this past summer. Anywho, we ate like pigs, took 160+ pictures, caught some sunshine, went on a really cute boat ride, and ended the day off with a bang--literally. Yep, we watched fireworks :)

After the festivities were over and we got home, my dad informed me and my family that he had to work the night shift. He left for work around 11 p.m. and got home at 5:15 a.m. I love my Dad, but I don't know how he does it! I guess I get my workaholic genes from him. That being said, my mom is one too. Haha, love my life.

When Monday came around, I made my way to Vaughan Mills (the only mall open in York Region) to pick up a few clothes for the new school year. I got two pairs of pants and three really pretty shirts. I love shopping. It was at this point that I realized how much money I'd be spending this week. With books and tuition and all, I'll be spending over half of the money I earned this summer. Money dearest, why must you go so fast? Sadtimes.

My weekend ended yesterday night on res catching up with my roommate! It was really good to see her :) 

Well, I guess technically today is still a part of my weekend! I get to see Amanda Urbanski, my boy, and all the girls from the sorority I joined last year all in one day. You know it's going to be  a good week when the first day of school you have no classes and only people to see. Hopefully I'll get a chance to see my friend Kris. She goes to Humber which means that we basically share a campus which is absolutely fantastic! :) 

That being said, I think today is a good kick-off to the entire school year. I can't wait for the year to start. Let's get to learning!


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