Thursday, September 17, 2009

so i think my camera's busted.

I have this really awesome Kodak Easy Share point and shoot camera that I take absolutely everywhere with me that I've been in love with for about year (since I got it, pretty much). Recently, though, when I plug my camera into my computer it does not get recognized and I can't upload my pictures onto iPhoto or even to my desktop! I have about 200 pictures from an LMFAO concert at my school last weekend saved on my camera and apparently to restore the settings on my camera and memory card, every picture saved will be lost. I do not want to lose 200 pictures but I also want my camera to be fixed. I don't really know what to do but I felt like posting about it, you know, instead of going to sleep like I said I was going to do 20 minutes ago.

Well now that this ginormous run-on-sentence has been completed, I think I might actually try to get some rest. Hopefully by some magical spirit my camera will work perfectly with my computer soon. If not, I might have to take it to get fixed. Hopefully I just have to replace the USB cord or something.

Life would be grand if technology didn't break. Even better, life would be perfect if I didn't have a way of destroying every piece of technology I own :) The funny thing is, I treat this camera like gold. Well, okay, maybe like sterling silver. STILL, I take good care of my camera.

Love my life.
Okay, seriously now...Goodnight.

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