Wednesday, September 23, 2009

because i am a girl update.

Alrighty, so it turns out that I couldn't make the Because I Am A Girl event in Toronto yesterday. I'm still pretty bummed about it, but hopefully I will be able to assist the campaign in the future :)

It was reported back to me that the event was a success. I am very glad to hear this because campaigns fighting for a good cause are very inspirational. When I first heard of BIAAG, I immediately wanted to help in the best way possible. Whether it was actually attending the event or tweeting about the topic, I wanted to get the BIAAG name out there. I guess I just felt driven to help someone out.

Imagine if you were a girl in a third world country (or not even a third world country) who couldn't go to school because you couldn't afford it. Where would you be right now? Well you'd probably be home helping your mother in the most conventional ways possible, cleaning the house and cooking for your father, or working somewhere that wouldn't better your future.

Did you know that 70% of the world's population is made up of women and girls who from the very beginning of their lives have been the poorest? It doesn't have to be this way though. It has been proven that investing in one girl has the power bring benefits to a family, a household, and a community. The only way that this positive change can happen is if you show how much you care about your future.

Whether you are from the United States, Canada, China, or France you can make a difference. We are all wrapped up in this community that we call the world. It might look big in numbers but in reality we are all connected.

This big ol' world works like pebbles being thrown into the water. If you take one pebble and toss it into a lake, ripples begin to form. First these water ripples are small and then they grow with time. Take this metaphor as what your difference will do to the world. First, it will have an impact on one girl but with that girl come changes in her very own community. Then, when you pay the message forward, other girls are assited which means more positive changes in different communities. In the end, the ripples are getting bigger and bigger. Eventually, they will reach the ends of the earth (literally).

If you couldn't make it to the BIAAG event yesterday, don't fret. I'm sure the people of Plan Canada would have loved to see you there but they would also love for you to bring your contributions to the campaign now.

Visit for more information.

Peace, love, and happiness are one step away. Are you willing to make that step?

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