Thursday, August 6, 2009

wind chimes.

So, I'm sitting here eating my breakfast with my mom. The back door is open and we can hear the birds chirping and the wind blowing but we can also hear our wind chimes creepily chiming back and forth. Some people find wind chimes really peaceful, granted, but they remind me of that scene in the movie Twister right before the storm when all those wind chimes start going off. They creep me out, sometimes.

Yeah, yeah, I know the movie Twister is just a movie but think about it, if there was going to be a twister right here right now I'm pretty sure there would be wind chimes going off.

Sometimes the noises wind chimes make can be really pretty but the second it is tooooo quiet and I hear a wind chime, I feel like they are chiming for a different purpose. Whatever that purpose may be, I have no idea.

Perhaps I watch too many horror movies (it doesn't help that I'm still creeped out by Orphan) but then again, I'm only ranting my morning rant.

I'm off to work in a bit so I'm going to finish my tea. :) Have a good day.

(The chimes haven't quit yet, by the way).

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