Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Like any other York Regioner, I love Tim Hortons. There is something about picking up a box of TimBits or a cup of tea that just makes you feel comfortable, you know? Yesterday, I went to see a friend and I picked up a box of TimBits. Unforuntately, I wasn't too pleased.

What drives me crazy is when you go to Tims and you ask "Hi, can I have 20 TimBits, please. 5 jelly filled, 5 chocolate, 5 honey dip, and 5 sprinkled," and the person at the counter/in the drive through window says "We don't have any jelly filled." Okay, fine I can make do. So I say, "Could I just have 10 honey dip and 10 chocolate?" And the person answers, "Yes." THEN when you drive up to the window or actually receive the TimBits, you are told "Sorry, I had no honey dip so I put honey cruller." 

How do you not have honey dip? No one likes honey cruller. Honey Cruller is worse than the honey dip+raisin TimBit. Why didn't you just check and let me know before you filled up my box? So, whatever, I just take what I can get and give the $2.75...I'm not always in the mood for fighting.

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