Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I am making a promise to myself that I will follow So You Think You Can Dance Canada Season 2 this year. I've been doing pretty good so far :) I've watched every episode except for one, thank you, thank you! Watching SYTYCDC makes me wish I had started dancing waay earlier in my childhood and that I didn't stop dancing once I actually started. It's a very inspirational show that makes me believe in myself more and more every time. 

I may not be the greatest dancer but to see all of those brave contestants stand up on national television and dance in their styles and in styles they've never trained in is crazy! It makes me think to myself, "Hey if I want something really bad...anything at all...really, really, really, bad then I can have it if I work for it and unleash my passion for it!"

The only two things I dislike about SYTYCDC are the host, Leah Miller--who really needs to stop flashing the ring Dallas Green bought her on her left hand, and the leniency of the judges. 

Miller thinks she's funny. She makes harsh comments and fake smiles to all of the dancers on the show, she doesn't look like she enjoys what she is doing, I can tell she is reading a teleprompter, and she's not very personable. I don't think I know one person who enjoys her presence on T.V. I don't mean to judge, I shouldn't really be judging since I've never been in Miller's shoes, but from a viewer's perspective I don't enjoy her on SYTYCDC.

With regards to the judges, I feel as if the only honest one is Blake. Jean Marc always says the same thing "FAAAABULOUS PERFORMANCE." Tre, I believe her name is, tries to be so Mia Michaels. Lastly, Sunglass Hut's greatest costumer (excuse me, I don't know his name) says two words after every dance. I understand that Canada needs to be presented as an equal and accepting country, and what better way to do that than on a national show, but if dancers don't get constructive criticism then they are never going to grow. 

Unfortunately, this is the fight for Canada's favourite dancer not Canada's greatest dancer. Popularity and entertainment beats technique this time around...and probably every round to follow. 

That being said, the show does make the dreams of many hard working dancers come true. What would a reality show be without any flaws? Scripted.

I know I'm bitter sometimes, but I truly do like the SYTYCD series! It's eyeopning, inspiring, and jawdropping. There are just two really big flaws that make my relationship with the show a love-hate one.

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Samantha :) said...

I love this :)

It's so true about the "favourite" dancer. Also, if you go back to the american season (excluding the very first season cause no one even really watched the show then). it has been boy, girl, boy, etc.
benji, sabra, josh, jeanine.