Saturday, August 1, 2009

school, must you break my bank in the fall?

I'm bummed. Yesterday I worked a lot, I'm too lazy to calculate the hours, but it was a lot so you'd think that I'd sleep well and sleep IN this morning. Well errrrr, I woke up at 8 a.m. and went to bed after midnight. See, if I actually slept in once in a while, I probably wouldn't be so tired and so sick but unfortunately my body is like a darn alarm clock that just wakes up before 9. Yeah, I complain a lot but I don't really care. It's not like I'm a downer. I work a lot, bla bla bla, but I don't actually complain about it. I vent, but I don't have a problem with working. The only downside is that...oh I don't have a life other than work? That's the only real big factor :P

The worst is Facebook. I log on, check my stuff, and then I see people's pictures and statuses about how amazing last night was and I'm like hahaha, I worked from 9a.m. to 12 a.m. must be nice. Then, when I actually haaave a night off I'm too tired to do anything so what I do consists of vegging out with girls or my boyfriend. Don't get me wrong, I love doing that, but I really would have liked some summer in my life (not to mention that I'm white...I have zero tan).

I got frustrated last week because someone said to me "Oh, you only worked two nights this week? What did you do, sleep in all day?" And I was like "No, I actually have three jobs and volunteer for an online magazine. Two jobs are part time, one job is full time." I put him in his place. But still, it annoyed me. Like, JUST because I'm young doesn't mean I am a lazy peace of poo. I mean, hey, I'd love to sleep in once in a while and have a day off but I can't because school costs a fortune. Wanna know something really pathetic? By the end of the summer (Like, August 29th-ish for me) I won't even have HALF of my education and living costs for the school year starting in September!! I don't understand how these university's expect students to pay for school when even working three jobs gets you no where. Grr. Thank the Lordddd my parents are helping me out, otherwise I'd be a homeless, foodless person with no place to go. I'd probably buy a box and camp out in that.  Funny thing is, whenever I get my tip out from Kelsey's THAT'S what I spend. SO, I'm probably spending (on average) 20-40 dollars every two weeks. Sometimes it's closer to like 5 dollars and other weeks it's closer to 40--just depending on how social I feel like being. Yay me. Keep in mind, every other pay check goes straaaight to the bank. Gotta love living tip out to tip out.

Whatever, after all that is said and done I really can't wait to go back to school in September...even if it IS in Rexdale (a.k.a. Sketchdale). I miss everyone! I miss going to class in track pants and downing three teas right after to keep me awake. I miss taking classes at the gym! I miss the FREEDOM. I'm excited just to not work like a psycho on stimulants every day. It will be fun :) The studying will be tough at times, but it will be interesting I think. Oh, not to mention I will be turning 19 in October which means I can LEGIT go out places. Sweet.

Yeah, sorry for venting. A lot of the posts I've written lately have been a lot of blah about work and how it's all I do. So, forgive me...but if you've had a good chuckle I'm glad. I'll probably laugh at this a few months down the road.

Like my dad says, "That's what working is all about."

What great things we have to look forward to.

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