Saturday, August 15, 2009


Dear Friend,

I miss the days when life was so simple. When there was no need to stress about the money in our bank accounts, the boys in our lives, and the girls we didn't like. I miss the days when we were carefree and young. I miss the days when our parents were superstars. Now, we are growing up with problems of our very own to face. We have no money, boy problems, girl problems, and family problems. Though I miss the days of the past, I am happy I am growing with you. I love you. Cheer up. I'm always here.

There is something called hope that can take you a long way. I know you've had it tough these past few months and I know you're trying to be hopeful and trying to see the positive but I see it in your face, in the way you walk, and the way you talk that you're not yourself. Don't be afraid of the person you aspire to be because it is that aspiration and passion that will get you far.

I believe in you like I always have. There has never been a time where I've doubted you as an individual. I look up to you and I can only dream to be as outgoing and inspirational as you are.

You may not know the words to say, but I'm hear to listen even if it's silence. I will always love you.

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Anonymous said...

This is really really lovely.
I know it's not to me, but it almost felt like it know?