Saturday, August 29, 2009

packing process.

I have finally started to pack! My suitcase is stuffed to its max with clothes that I actually wear. How was I able to accomplish this? Well, I threw all of the clothes at the bottom of my gross closet out and picked and chose from what I actually wore this past summer. 

Once I started fitting things into my suitcase, I realized that I have way too many jeans, way too many sweaters, and not enough space. I figure it's still summer, somewhat, so I didn't pack too many sweaters-just those really big ones that make you feel really comfortable and like a bum on pointless days with overcast skies. You know those sweaters? I packed majority of my jeans, even a pair with a huge whole on the left knee. I love those ones.

When it came down to packing t-shirts and whatnot I looked through each unfolded, messy drawer of mine and chose the articles that I've warn at least once. When I finished that, I had this huge mob of t-shirts and cardigans and jean skirts on top of my suitcase. Oh dear. So I muffled through that pile of clothes and picked out the necessary items. That being said, I am so bringing more clothes over to residence next weekend.

Like always, I had to sit atop my suitcase in order to zip it closed and I'm not even done packing! I still have to pack all of my utilities, posters, pictures, and letters. That shouldn't be too difficult. Before I do that though, I really need to make my bed, eat a slice of toast, and go buy any last minute items I need for my move.

Wish me luck.

Oh, and Kristina Interisano this is for you: I am going to make myself a green tea while I'm at it. Bahaha.


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