Saturday, August 8, 2009

oh yeah, i wait tables too.

Exciting News: I have only six more work days left before a two week relaxation period before school starts.

To-do list during these two weeks:
- fix my hair (priority)
- get my nails done
- re-book my g2 test
- practice parking
- buy new posters for my room on res
- develop pictures for my room on res
- take more pictures of friends and stuff
- have a life other than work for two weeks!! 
- be a bum
- catch up on MTV's "16 and Pregnant"
- read Perez like I should
- update my music library-it sucks at the moment
- go shopping & buy party dresses
- paaack

ohoh. P.S.

I need to re-vamp my blog and I am in the process of doing so. Forgive me for any mishaps and mistakes along the way. I'm not very good at technology.

Mmm, I must go write two articles now...I've been putting them off. 

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