Monday, August 31, 2009

moved in and such.

I really wanted to post this sooner but residence has this strange distracting effect on me that doesn't let me accomplish anything productive during the first week. So here I am, finally pulling up my socks and writing a post about my move-in.

I got into residence at around 1 p.m. on Sunday. I picked up my room key and meal card, which has the most disgusting picture of me on it. It's the picture from last year. I look really drunk and red because it's the day after I returned from a vacation in Italy. I was sunburned and exhausted. Great. 

When I got up to my room with my first load of stuff, I automatically fell in love. My window overlooks the Humber Arboretum which is filled with trees and really cute paths and a tonne of gazebos. I hope to go sit and relax in these gazebos at some point this year. 

The closet in my room is bigger than the closet I have at home. The bed in my room is bigger than the bed I have at home. Life is great. There are even these nifty little drawers underneath my bed that make life so much easier.

After I finished admiring everything, I went back to my mom's car and got the rest of the stuff I packed with me. Of course, this included two teddy bears and a stuffed puppy, all my posters, any decorative items I could collect at home, and towels.

After I finished bringing all the crapola I packed into my room, my mom helped me unpack and set up everything. Being the interior designer she is, every poster had to be perfectly alligned with the other and every picture had to fit a certain pattern. Thanks mom. Bahaha.

Once all that was done, my mom and I went to go grab a hamburger at the residence barbeque. When we got there, they only had veggie burgers left. Gross. We ate them anyways but they tasted like nothing. I felt like I was eating a big bread sandwhich. Yummay!

After we finished eating our breadwhich (it's so bad that I laughed at that) my mom drove me to Fortinos to pick up all the necessary food items for the week including Mr. Noodles, lettuce, Kraft Dinner, Ketchup, salad dressing, tomatoes, cheese, melba toast, and vegetable thins. I would have bought candy if it didn't mean that I'd eat it all in one sitting. So, I think I made the right decision in not buying any junk food.

Amongst the food picking-upping and unpacking, my roommate arrived with her parents! Unfortunately, she is working this week at McMaster University so I am all alone in this ginormous room. It's okay though, next week we are going to rock this joint. I can't believe I just typed that.

Anyway, at night I went to my first floor meeting,  I made myself a Mac and Cheese and salad dinner, and then took a random walk down the hall with some friends to meet the others on our floor. It was fun.

At this point was when the party started. I saw all of my old friends from last year on residence and had a great night. Sadly, I only took like ten pictures. It's okay, though, tonight only calls for more!

I have to work tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday at Orientation so forgive me if I don't post again until the weekend.

Much love. :)

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