Sunday, August 2, 2009

i want a beeeer.

Unfortunately, I spent majority of my day today at Mount Sinai hospital downtown Toronto where my grandmother was taken to the emergency room for ammonia. She had a high fever and a headache and she was having trouble breathing. My grandmother does not get headaches/fevers so we knew there was something wrong. My mom and I met my grandparents in the E.R. at around 12 noon today where we waited for the doctors and nurses to give her the care she needed. Once all was complete and better, we made our way home. She's fine now, thank goodness!

The best thing about today was that everyone was in high spirits. Including a funny fellow wearing two scarves around his head. He came into emerg. around the same time my mom and I arrived. The entire time he was present, he was preaching to the waiting room saying how the Toronto Garbage Strike was preventing him from having a clean garbage can to sleep in. :( He was homeless, which is really sad, but that didn't seem to bother him. He just wanted a clean garbage bin to sleep in. He kept saying, "Homeless people have rights too." It was bittersweet.

Another fellow was sleeping on a stretcher with a huge gauge in the side of his head. He could barely speak and when he could, he mumbled only a few words in Spanish. At one point he said "Someone tried to kill me last night and they stole all my money but hey at least I am still alive." So sad. I wish there was some way I could help. Then, the nurse working said to him "Sir, can I get you anything?" and he said the most amazing thing EVER.... "I want a beeeer!" It was quite funny. The nurse responded, "How about we get you something to eat first and then you can have your beer." The man was brought a tuna sandwhich. He dooooowned it. Poor guy. 

In grade 11 I had the opportunity to hold a sandwhich run with a friend and other members of my Leadership class downtown Toronto. We gave a sandwhich and a juice box to as many homeless people we could find. I am very proud of this achievement and I only wish I could help out more. They are people too!

I feel bad for sick, poor, and homeless people. They have so much hope but other people who have more than a poor person could ever dream of just want more. A part of me believes that we are all poor in some way, shape, or form, but to truly be greatful for what we have we need to be homeless and moneyless for a day. Like the saying says, we need to take a walk in someone else's shoes before we can understand.

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