Tuesday, July 14, 2009

my life is like a grocery list except i don't buy groceries.

I finally finished my first column for FutuReale (woah, unintended alliteration) and e-mailed interview questions to a publicist for the independent artist I wrote about in my last post. I feel very accomplished at the moment :) All I have left to do is come up with the rest of the choreography for two dances for camp. I ended up using "Car Wash" for my dance girls and "The Pokemon Theme Song" for the junior campers (it's too funny). Tomorrow I am learning the staff dance to the "Sailor Moon Theme Song," so far it looks incredible.

I brought my library book back, too. However, it was late and was dropped off in the drop-box section so the next time I go to borrow a book, I'm going to be charged 10 cents or something like that. Who knows, maybe even the library has put their prices sky high and I will be charged a dollar instead. If only they could wave late fees like Blockbuster.

I think my tea's ready but I figured I would post a little snippet of my week before Sunday, you know, to keep all my followers up to date (LOL).

Have a good one! I might be back if I get distracted or bored...

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