Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Today, my boyfriend came over and he brought his guitar which was absolutely adorable. He played me The Girl by City and Colour, which is by the way my favourite song at the moment. But I learned something interesting about him that I never knew before. He's never eaten a mango, squash, or yam. I don't know about you, but I actually love all three of those! I was laughing so hard. 

When he walked into my house, I was eating breakfast and there were leftover mangos on the table. He asked almost instantly, "What the hell are those?" I started to die of laughter and I managed to say, "They're mangos, you've never had a mango?" Who's never had a mango? Or even squash for that matter?  Just to make sure, I asked if he hated all orange foods. He said yes, with carrots as the exception.

That's just a little piece of my day and now I have to start to get ready for work. I work at Kelsey's as a hostess and tonight is our new menu celebration. It's going to be so busy, which is good but really really hectic! I could use a little hectic, it's organized chaos. I'm co-hosting the event with another host and we're a pretty good team, I have to say. 

I actually read a book a little while ago called "Rob&Sara.Com" and the girl in the book was exactly me. She even worked as a hostess. It was weird but kind of interesting. I'm currently reading a novel called "Little Face," it's so addicting and really thrilling. Summer's amazing for sitting outside and reading. I've done that for the past two or three days. It could be a little warmer today, but tomorrow's going to be about 20 degrees.

I'm rambling, yet again. But yes, that's how exciting my day got today. I was serenaded and felt butterflies because my boyfriend played his acoustic guitar for me, found out that my boyfriend doesn't like mangos--well to be more specific, he's never tried one (it still makes me laugh), I read and sat outside while doing so, and I'm about to get ready for work. I love summer, it's so lazy but still busy.

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