Monday, May 4, 2009


Cardboard, not hardboard,
it can be brown, white, or blue.
Cardboard, not hardboard,
is used to protect me and you.

For you and I live in this cardboard,
thinking that it's hardboard,
not worried about the weather,
nor how we will tether.

It might look sunny above the cardboard flap,
but what we forget to see is the cloudy gap.
We forget to grab our raincoats and our rainboots too,
we also forget how fast the wind once blew.

Then there starts a trickle,
but we don't start to pickle,
until the rain, sleet, or hail falls bit by bit,
making us say "I never woulda thunk it."

Cardboard is like paper,
when the rain falls it starts to vapor,
leaving us standing alone
with nothing but a chilled bone.

So when the rain comes your way,
embrace it as a brand new day,
and sturdy your foundation
to avoid any form of deflation.

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