Monday, May 25, 2009

i started my third novel last night.

I read the first chapter of my third novel of the summer last night. It's called "Talk of the Town" and is about a middle aged journalist who gets denoted from top gossip columnist to Home and Food reporter at the Chicago Daily Times for a younger, sexier, sassier woman named Shannon. Also, the Times is being bought out in the novel leaving the audience to wonder after the first chapter who this mystery buyer is. From the looks of the synopsis, there is going to be a love affair between the journalist and this mystery man. 

Not to mention, the journalist has gone through some tough stuff already regarding age. She found her husband (now ex-husband) with another woman, in thier own bed. This new woman was younger, sexier, and sassier than the journalist as well (well, that's the perspective so far from the novel).

The novel's written very well, it runs smoothely, and I hope it won't take me in repetitive circles like the last book I read. 

Who doesn't love a good career-love story?

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