Wednesday, May 27, 2009

creativity suction cups.

Alright, so today I had the sudden urge to cut up a magazine and post the clippings around my room. I thought it would make my room a little more summery, add some colour, and not make me want to fall asleep in it everytime I walk in. I found some colourful fashion photos and some photos of people at the beach. I was going to stick pictures of both male and female models on my walls but when I showed my mom she awkwardly commented "oh dad's going to love all of those guys on your wall," laughed, and walked away.

I'm just venting but:

1. they are my walls
2. yes I know my parents paid for the house I live in but they gave me my room so it could be my own
3. what's wrong with posting pictures of magazine models in swimsuits, baggy cardigans, and sandals?

It doesn't bother me that my mom commented, it bothers me because for once I actually care about how my room looks (creatively, I mean) and I feel like I'm being prevented. It's not as if she said I couldn't put the pictures of the guys on my walls but I got that message. Like an obedient little girl I took the guy pictures off and posted only the female ones.

This made me realize why I never put pictures on my walls before:

1. my mom would get scared that I thumb tacked every corner into the wall, making a paint job come sooner than later
2. my dad would get awkwardly weirded out that I am interested in summer?
3. I'm lacking a number three...

It's not even as if I am obsessed with male models, I honestly just wanted to make my room a little more creative than it was. 

Not to be sexist or anything, but I thought it to be rather funny that in the H&M magazine the guys had less clothes on than the girls did. It sort of made me happy inside knowing that the girls weren't portrayed as objective as they normally would  be.

I just like putting sticky tack and magazine pictures on my wall while listening to music. That's all.

I'm totally making a bigger deal than it is but I just felt like venting. I'm not exactly worried, just felt like expressing. I still did what I wanted to, sorta...

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