Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vous avez été fait pour moi...

By: Alaina Tantalo

She sat there staring out her bedroom window; she had just taken a shower her long hair dripping a stream of water down the curve of her spine.  It wasn’t that nice out, but the weather was perfect for her to ponder; the grey clouds with no blue sky in sight, the smell of rain, the cold wind that sends shivers right to the bone.  She was in deep thought about...everything.  She left her iTunes on shuffle but on very low volume, kind of like a faded background noise so she wouldn’t be too alone with her thoughts, a little bit of music always helped. 

She would think to herself how she loved her life and everyone in it. She had a new job that she adored and a new apartment.  The only thing missing was a love life.  She was the type of person to not just go around having flings and then forgetting about them, she wanted actual relationships the ones with deep meaning and connections.  She had only had two serious relationships, but both times they just flopped.  The men she had been dating would lose interest, because deep down they were actually the fling types.  It had been a while since she dated someone and her hope slowly dropped.  Her comfort was her favourite little coffee shop down on the corner of her street.  She would go there for her French vanilla that comes in a huge coffee cup, which made it comforting and she also didn’t mind the company of her friend David that worked there. 

David was new to the town and moved there from Britain. He was the sweetest guy, had a great sense of humour and had the charms of a gentleman, with an accent to top it off.  He would always make sure that customers were treated like royalty.  Then on his first day he met her.   When the door to the coffee shop opened on that hot summer day, he felt his body lose all feeling.  He had never felt like that before and was amazed by the natural beauty that walked through the door.  All the while staring at her, he was pouring milk into a coffee for a customer, but the cup was full and he was pouring it all over his hand and the counter.  “Sir, sir, excuse me SIR! You’re pouring milk everywhere!” yelled the customer. David, being the guy he is, started laughing at himself and the customers, including her were laughing too.   He caught her chuckle and immediately fell in love with it.  He cleaned up his mess, made a new coffee for the customer, and realized she was next in line.  His heart fell as he went to ask her for her order, but she made it easy for him. “Daydreaming are we?” she said.  He replied sarcastically, “What? I do it all the time! Its a little show I put on for the customers.” She laughed and he started to blush.  “So what can I get you my dear?”  She answered with her usual order and he said “I’ll get right on it! It will be the best coffee you have ever tasted!” She smiled and said “I don’t know about that, we’ll have to see.”

She went to sit down on the oversized, comfy chair.  David was happy that he actually made it through that little conversation with her.  Thinking of how he can’t make a fool out of himself again in front of her, he concentrated heavily on the large cup of coffee trying to not spill it from his counter to her.  “Here you go my dear.” He said with his big smile.  “Thank you! Now let’s see if it’s as good as you say.” She said sarcastically and laughing.  He was nervous; he didn’t want to disappoint her.  She took a sip and pretended as if she was judging it. “It has a nice flavour, it’s piping hot and I think it’s pretty darn good! Just the way I like it!” She said with a smile. “I told you it would be the best.  Now does that mean I get to see you here all the time?”  David said jokingly.  “I’ve never gone anywhere else, so I guess that means you get to see my lovely face everyday now that you work here.”  He had a big smile on his face and told her he would look forward to it.  He went back behind the counter and continued serving customers.  He would watch her as she drank her coffee and read a newspaper, thinking this is a girl that he could never lose touch with.

Over the course of the summer, the two became very close friends.  He was a great guy and she really enjoyed his company.  She was busy with her job and had tons of work that she would bring home or do at the coffee shop.  She would tell him everything.  He was that type of person that got along with everyone, but with her it was like they became instant best friends.  David, from the first time he met her, had grown deep feelings towards her.  Every day they would get stronger and stronger and he knew that this was the girl of his dreams.  The problem was that for the first time in his life he was afraid to tell a girl about his feelings.  Whenever he would try and ask her out, he felt like he lost his voice. 

It had been a little over a year and she was feeling really stressed with her workload and that she couldn’t find a good guy.  She would go to David for support and of course the French vanilla he would make for her.  She would complain to him that there weren’t any nice guys that wanted a relationship and that she was getting annoyed with her search.  On one of those nights he looked in her eyes deeply and said, “You are a beautiful girl, intelligent, funny, and I wouldn’t understand why any guy wouldn’t want to be with you, take care of you, wouldn’t want to support you in any way possible.  The guy you should be with should want to make you happy in any way possible.” He quickly looked away and mumbled under his breath “...I know I would.”  She looked back at him and said “thanks David, you’re so sweet.” She flashed him a smile.

One day, she came in and ordered her usual.  Looking very tired and sad, David asked her what was up, that she seemed to be thinking about something.  “I was at work today and just felt so tired with everything and I was thinking that maybe I would take a trip, try and find something there. Then my boss came up to me and I suggested it and she told me that it would be a perfect time if I decided to go now. “David stood there hoping in his head that she wouldn’t go. “...So I have decided to leave in two days!” She said.  He looked at her with a fake smile and said “Wow! That’s so great. But really soon, no? Don’t you want to take time to plan it out?” She told him that she had always wanted to go to Europe and that she would make her trip to Paris, France.  She was so excited that she booked her flight and hotel when she was at work.  He felt his heart drop to the floor and he wanted to tell her that he was in love with her right at the moment! He didn’t want her to go because he couldn’t bear the thought of her leaving and not being so close to him and seeing her every day.  She told him that she was going home to figure out what to pack and that she would see him later.  Then she left and he felt like she took his heart with her.  David knew that that was the chance he had to tell her and was beating himself up inside for not doing it at that moment. 

It was the day she was leaving and David was sad that she was going.  She came in with her suitcase, smiling and really excited that she was going and for once asked for her French vanilla, to go.  He was really quiet and she asked him why.  He said “I won’t get to see my favourite customer for 3 weeks!” She told him that was really sweet and said she would miss him. They had a deep stare and he quickly broke it by turning his head and then smiling and said “here, this one is on me. Have a great trip and I can’t wait to hear all about it!” She thanked him for the coffee and said she would gladly tell him about her trip when she got back.  Her taxi was waiting so she leaned over the counter to give him a hug.  He didn’t want to let her go, and said “I’m really going to miss you...have fun!” She smiled, turned looked back and then left. 

He was heartbroken at that moment; he then decided to take his loss as an opportunity, to make this the most extraordinary, most romantic thing he has ever done.   He thought to himself that he was definitely crazy, what he was about to do, but he didn’t care.  He loved her and didn’t want her to get away just in case she happened to find someone in Europe.  David in the spur of the moment turned to his manager and said “If you could please let me have this chance I’ll never take a day off again!” His manager looked at him and said “What are you talking about?” David explained that he needed to go after her, she was going to Europe and that he needed to tell her that he loved her and wanted to be with her forever! The manager looked at him for a moment, smiled and said “Go, just call me and tell me how long you will be when you get there.” David’s face lit up and he jumped over the counter and ran out the door.  He went home to book a flight and packed his bag. 

He would arrive the next day in Paris and knew where she was staying so he booked a room there too.  He went to the room and threw himself on the bed.  He needed to think of the perfect way to tell her that he wanted to be with her, and if this was only to tell her to be his girlfriend how the hell was he going to top this if he proposed to her.  But he was back into the moment and figured out what he was going to do.  He went to the front desk and asked them if she had made any reservations for dinner, explaining to them what he was going to do.  The clerks at the front desk were so excited to be a part of his plan that they said they would help him in any way. 

She arrived to the hotel after a busy day of sightseeing.  It was around the time for dinner, so she got dressed in a flowing red sun dress and a pair of heels.  The clerk at the front desk informed David earlier that she had reservations at Le Fleur down the street from the hotel, and that she’d be dining alone.  This was David’s chance, he was in his room getting dressed and his plan was beginning to come to life.  He was in a black pinstripe suit with a red silk tie and a black shirt.  He was so nervous but he knew he wanted this to be the perfect beginning to a life with his love. 

Le Fleur was across from the Eiffel Tower, which looked breathtaking at night.  She was sitting at her table facing the tower and was enjoying a Crème Brule and a coffee, although it was nothing like the one she’d have at home.  She paid for her dinner and put on her shall.  She started walking towards the tower to catch a closer glimpse of its beauty.  She was standing in front of it when she got a text on her phone.  It read, “Having fun on your trip?” It was from David.  She grew a smile on her face and suddenly got another text.  She opened it to find a picture of the Eiffel Tower and a girl wearing a flowing red sun dress.  She was confused and looked up from her phone and turned her head to look behind, it was David standing there with a single rose.  She stood there in shock as he walked closer towards her.  He knew that this was the moment he was waiting for. “What are you doing here?!” she was about to say something else, when he put his finger on her red lips.  “Abby, ever since I met you that summer day a year ago, I knew you were the one and only person for me.  You lit up when you walked through that door to the coffee shop and yes I poured the milk all over the place because I was mesmerized by your beauty.  Little did I know, from that moment on, you would be the only thing that I would think about.  When you told me you were going on this trip; I knew that I needed to tell you that I wanted to be with you forever.  I never had the courage to tell you, so I decided to fly half way around the world to ask you if you’d be my girlfriend? I can’t picture myself in the future without you. I love you.”  A tear dripped down her cheek and he wiped it off.  She was shocked that someone could love her so much.  Abby never felt any kind of love like the one David had for her.  She looked into his eyes and said “I didn’t think you were going to pull something like this! I’ve been waiting for you to ask me, the day I left I said I would miss you and was hoping that maybe you’d run after me in the taxi, you know like in the movies, but you didn’t. You actually flew to Paris! Like in the movies!” she started laughing and then he pulled her as close as he could to her and gave her the kiss that he’d been waiting to give her.  He pulled back and said “wait?! Does that mean yes?!” she gave him a sarcastic look and pulled his head towards her and gave him another kiss. “Of course it means yes, silly!” They both laughed.  He then hugged her pulling her close and they admired the beautiful scenery in front of them.  Abby then whispered “I have the perfect life now.”

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