Saturday, April 11, 2009

the hills season five.

Lauren Conrad and the rest of The Hills crew is back for season five. The  season premiered on Monday at 10 p.m. on MTV. The double episode opener captured old friends, old enemies, and even new characters. 

Unfortunately, the season's trailor was much more exciting then the actual premier. What the heck!

Stephanie Pratt decided it would be a good idea to invite Heidi to Lauren's surprise birthday party which obviously caused drama. Though they reminissed, Heidi should not have invaded Lauren's surprise. And to make everything better, Lauren's party was on a boat. There was no where she could escape from Heidi and her drama.

Heidi's ex-boytoy, Colby, and Spencer's new bar tender love, Stacie, had their 15 seconds of fame on Monday night. Colby was somewhat setup to meet Heidi when she went back to Colorado to see her family and take time away from Spencer after he totally flirted with bar tender, Stacie.

Spencer had boys night after boys night and even managed to call up ex-bff Brodi Jenner, who did not necessarily give the best advice, after Heidi ditched him for snowy Colorado.

Jenner suggested that Spencer take the time away from Heidi to hit the clubs a little bit, and I quote, "spread your wings." That part made me think of Shawn Desman's "Spread My Wings." Spencer and Shawn Desman should never be used in the same sentence. After all, "two wrongs don't make a right."

As much as I love The Hills, I have to say that the season opener wasn't all that great for me. I felt like it was the same stuff just a different season. I actually think I might have enjoyed Whitney Port's show The City more than I enjoyed The Hills's season opener. 

I find myself missing Jay currently. I've seen enough of Brodi, especially after Bromance. What?
I never understood that show.

I think it's time for The City to shine. The Hill's drama is all the same now. I have to say, I do love Lauren Conrad. She's a great role model, very talented, and gorgeous. But Whitney is Whitney. She's fresh. If this season of The Hills wants to earn my affection, something new has to happen. I'm voting for the end of Speidi, for starters.

Any other suggestions?

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