Thursday, April 30, 2009

continuation of random intro.

It wasn’t a very good idea to shove the two bottles into her sweater because they were extremely visible. Brianna didn’t care though, she just wanted to go home and have a drink. Drinking would take her pain away. When she turned onto James’s street, she saw him standing at the end of his driveway holding a barking terrier. “Shit,” she said under her breath. James wouldn’t mistreat her outside where people could see or hear, he’d wait until they got inside. Brianna was just two houses away when she started to push her purchases deeper inside her sweater.

            “What’s that, there, Brie?” James asked. Brianna just shook her head. “Baby, what do you have in your pockets?”

            “Nothing,” Brianna answered just as she reached James. She was shaking now. Jim kept barking. “Shut up, Jim” she mumbled.

            “It sure looks like something,” James said smiling his chilling smile that made Brianna want to vomit. “Now, come on inside darling, let’s have a drink.” James took her by the hand, something he only did when they were outside of his home and guided her into the house. As soon as they stepped inside, he turned to lock the door and shut the blinds. He let his barking mutt down ever so gently as he continued to gnarl and bark at Brianna until she kicked him. Jim cried and then went back to sleep under the stairs. Then, Brianna started to walk up the stairs, hoping she could get away and at least hide the booze. “Where the hell do you think you’re going?” James yelled as he yanked Brianna close to him. She couldn’t speak. His breath reeked like beer. “Answer me, Brie.”

            “I’m not going anywhere, James,” she answered.

            “Good because we have some business to take care of,” he threatened pulling her into the kitchen. “Why’d you buy the booze, Brie? Sex with me isn’t enough? You need the booze to enjoy it?”

            “No,” Brianna choked.

            “So why the fuck did you buy it?” He asked. “Make it a good answer.”

            “Because I wanted a drink,” Brianna answered.

            “I told you no drinking, Brie,” James snapped.           

            “Well, you drink all the fucking time!” Brianna said.

            “What did you just say?” James asked, pulling the bottles out of Brianna’s pockets.

            “I said you drink all the time!” Brianna answered pushing away from him. He grabbed her before she could run.

            “Well, now I have an excuse to drink more don’t I? Two free bottles of Scotch,” he said taking the bottles and pouring himself a glass. Brianna wanted to leave so badly. She wanted to run upstairs and lock her bedroom door and cry. If she locked her bedroom door though, James would take her privacy privileges away forcing her to sleep with him every night, making the sex even more unbearable. “Good girl, you’re not running away,” James said after he chugged the last bit of his glass. He stumbled over to Brianna and kissed her on the lips real rough. Brianna didn’t kiss him back. “Kiss me back, damn it,” James said as he grabbed Brianna’s chin real hard making her teeth clench. “Kiss me, Brie,” he snapped again. She forced her lips to pucker and he pressed his lips against hers even rougher than before and shoved his tongue through her teeth making her want to gag. Brianna found the strength to turn away. “What are you doing, sweetheart,” he said, slurring at the end.

            “Pulling away,” Brianna said beginning to cough.

            “Why?” James yelled, teeth clenched.

            “You’re an abusive alcoholic,” Brianna said kicking James’s groin knowing that he’d be too drunk to steady himself. As he stumbled, Brianna hurried up the stairs into her room and locked her door. She didn’t care that he’d take her privacy privilege away, her plan was to be out of the house by morning. When James passed out at around 3 a.m. from too much booze, she planned on running as far away as she could.

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