Thursday, October 30, 2008

Keep your change & spread the word.

I love to shop, who doesn’t love to shop, if you don’t like to shop then I don’t know what is wrong with you, haven’t you picked up the latest fad at American Apparel, Hollister, and Abercrombie? You are missing out if you haven’t gone to Loblaw in the last week, who knows if they have President’s Choice water on sale (don’t listen to your mom telling you that you have three cases downstairs), go go go before it’s all sold out. You are running out of time. Check the flyers in the paper, what is on sale this week? Milk? Jam? Cheese? Pasta? Shoes? Oh, shoes. Is Aldo having a sale? How about laptops? Can you get a student discount if you purchase one? Who cares if you already have a perfectly fine, good conditioned computer, you need a laptop! You need one. You need it. Don’t have enough cash on you? Get a MasterCard, it’s there for everything else. Buy, buy, buy, and buy. If you don’t buy, what else are you doing with your time?

Yes, what are you doing with your time (when I say you I am referring to the you of tomorrow, not you specifically. Not everything is about why oh you)? Flipping through a flyer by any chance? Searching e-bay for something you probably don’t need you just have to have it? What are you doing! The more you buy, the more you spend, the more money you waste (yes waste), the more money you want, the more product you want, the more product you throw away, the more you make the earth choke. Imagine what it feels like to be in a room where there is dust all over the walls, dirt all the over the floors, and a garbage bin that hasn’t been taken out for months. The difference between that room and the earth is only that the garbage can be taken out, the floor can be cleaned, and the wall can be wiped. However, where does the garbage go after the room is cleaned? To a dumpster to sit and rot for endless decades, taking up space for beautiful trees to grow, polluting the earth’s soil, polluting the air we breathe, killing the earth, leaving us with no place to live—but it’s okay right? We have our MasterCard. We can buy our way out of this scandal, can’t we? Sorry, in this situation, we can’t do anything except stop our habits of overconsumption and reduce how many natural resources we use for our own wants. The earth’s life is at risk and as a result, so is yours. On November 25, 2008, Buy Nothing Day, people around the world will create awareness about over consumption. Keep your change and spread the word.

For more information on Buy Nothing Day, check out this cool videos I found:

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