Friday, September 5, 2008

Pen to Paper

I am taking Media Studies Journalism at the University of Guelph Humber and for my Mass Communications course we need to keep a blog for the most part of the semester.
It’s funny that when I started writing this blog, “Say” by John Mayer started to play in the background. I had thought that working on these blogs would be easy, a piece of cake, but I was totally wrong. It took me about an hour just to figure out what the title should be. I sat on my laptop searching on Google for things that would trigger an idea. When that didn’t work, I started to flip through my thesaurus but not even the good old book could help me. So, I started playing some music but nothing seemed to click. And that’s when it hit me.
Everything is connected to something else and most of the time, especially in this day and age, all you have to do is click a button. Half the time we barely even stop to think about what we’re doing, how it’s being done, or what it means. We just click, click, and click. However, when we have to take a moment to actually think it seems like it’s the hardest thing in the world. Coming up with just a title for my blog took so long because I had to think about it. There was nothing that I could use as an idea for a title because it wouldn’t be my own. I even tried writing words down that had to do with Mass Communications but the closest name I could come up with was “Communication to the Mass.” Then I realized that the reason for this blog is not only to practice my writing but to also practice how to think and from thinking comes communication. Now-a-days, everyone just communicates with a click. Edit, Undo if you made a mistake, Enter once you’re finished, and one tap on the mouse and you’re on a new page, a new level. Everything comes easy like it’ll always be there.
Think about this though, what if there was no more internet, no more television, no more iPods, and no more cell phones. What would we do? We would have to think about what we could do and how we could do it. Life would require understanding. So in short, my first blog was a challenge I must admit. The writing came easier than I thought because everything seemed to fit. The four words in the title, however, were the most difficult four words I’ve ever put together.
Here I sit in silence one more time trying to find the perfect ending to this story. What better way to end it then to think. I am thinking that I have class this morning. I am thinking that I am going home this weekend. I am thinking that I should turn up my music to escape the silence. I know I need to get away from these distractions. Allow me to close my Facebook page, my iTunes, and to turn off my cell phone. There are no more distractions, just fingers to keys as pen is to paper.


I. Reilly said...

great first post, leviana. this is the kind of self-reflexive writing that will allow you to think more critically about your own media practices. although it may have taken you an incredibly long time to find the four words for your blog title, you've settled on an interesting name.

keep writing,

amanda. said...

i told you your first blog
entry would be amazing :)


"There are no more distractions, just fingers to keys as pen is to paper."

is my favorite line. Very inspirational!

Barry said...

I always know when I like someone/ they inspire me/make me think/affect something within me. The surest sign of this is when I find myself back to the beginning of their blog, because it's then I realize I want to get to know them and what moves them.

So here I am, I'll move forward through these pages to take my mind in directions it may not have gone before. I like the way you look at life and yourself Leviana; we're at different points in our lives but I feel I can learn much from you.