Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Money can't buy me love..."

One of the announcements I remember hearing as I sat at my desk during the morning announcements at my elementary school was about Marshall McLuhan’s Global Village. The day I heard the nervous grade five speak into the p.a. microphone and say the words “if one hundred people were living in our world…” my head stopped to think. One hundred people? How is that even possible? At that point in my life I had never used the Internet but I had been glued to the television since the age of three.
I now know that our world is connected to everything via technology. I can sit and watch the news on television while it is happening at that exact moment. Instead of opening the window to see how the weather is outside I can type into the address bar on my computer and instantly find out what the weather is going to be like for that day, that week even. For us in the western culture this can be an easy and efficient way of getting things done and learning about our world, however this act of globalization has a negative effect on poorer countries.
Globalization provokes the blending of cultures, global acceptances of culture, outsourcing, and an invasion of western and American values. Only time will take away many unique cultures leading to economic globalization where corporate profits are put before workers’ rights raising many questions about the ethicalities of outsourcing for cheap labour and tax breaks.
As you can see, the theory of globalization is very real in our world today. For our Western culture it may be beneficial because the rich are getting richer however, for the poorer countries overseas the poor are getting poorer.

Below is a video clip on the Global Village:

Below are three political cartoons on Globalization:

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